Razor plastic suitcase

2,180,000 VND

Razor plastic suitcase: Absolutely waterproof

Razor PLXP18 is a collection of impact-defying SAKOS plastic suitcases. Double zipper with anti-scratch PU coating, waterproof combined with international standard TSA lock, Razor travel suitcase brings absolute safety in every trip.

Anti-rust pull rod
Double wheel
Anti-scratch, waterproof zipper
TSA Lock


Colors Yellow copper, Blue, Grey
Material PC
Weight 2.2 kg
Size (WxDxH) 39x21x55 cm
Maximum load 20 kg
Warranty period 5 years

Product detail

Razor plastic suitcase to defy impact, absolutely waterproof

Razor possesses optimal water resistance with a flexible plastic body and PU coated zipper, safe in the rain.

Plastic material is tough and resistant to strong impacts.

The entire surface of the suitcase is covered with anti-scratch, limiting the impact of sharp objects.

3 luxurious monochrome color versions: Bronze Gold – Grey – Blue, suitable for both men and women.

The size of hand luggage and checked baggage is in accordance with international airlines standards.

Luxury interior with 2 anti-dumping partitions makes Razor travel suitcase convenient in every journey

The X-belt is elastic, flexible to remove and install, and fix the luggage so it won't move during travel.

Luggage-proof partition with many small utility compartments.

The system of sub-compartments with large and small sizes is easy to arrange things neatly.

Safety zip for ultimate protection.

3-featured lining fabric: waterproof, moisture-wicking, antibacterial.

The PLXP18 towing collection glides smoothly on all terrains with a combination of aluminum towbars and 360º rotating twin wheels

The lever is geometrically structured with 3 convenient steps, easily adjusted according to the user's length. Anti-rust aluminum alloy material.

The system of 4 double wheels balances gravity well, flexibly rotates 360º, glides smoothly on any terrain.

The handle is made of durable rubber material both vertically and horizontally.

The side plastic base protects the suitcase from direct contact with the floor.

Razor plastic zipper suitcase equipped with anti-scratch, waterproof double zipper and international standard number lock

Double zipper frame with PU coating, anti-scratch, absolutely waterproof.

Luxury powder coated metal leaf, anti-rust.

US Transportation Security Standard TSA Key, valid worldwide.

The delicate SAKOS logo at the front affirms the quality of the products produced on the exclusive technology of Sakostyle (USA).

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