STARLINE Fabric Suitcase

1,750,000 VND


Starline is an outstanding collection of water-skiing fabric suitcases from SAKOS. Inspired by light streaks, SAKOS has launched a collection of Starline travel suitcases with the message of bringing hope and the desire to conquer people as well as new lands.

Anti-rust pull rod
Bearing wheel
Luxury interior
TSA Lock


Colors Black, Red, Purple, Dark blue
Material Polyester, EVA, PE
Weight 3.7 kg
Size (WxDxH) 48x31x52 cm
Maximum load 20 kg
Warranty period 10 years

Product detail

Starline canvas suitcase has a classic design with superior features from high-quality fabric

As one of the SAKOS canvas suitcase collections, Starline possesses outstanding features with its super light weight and time-tested durability.

The overall design is a rectangular box with a simple but convenient structure.

The sturdy canvas suitcase frame is delicately bordered by PE plastic fibers.

Waterproof polyester fabric, durable and easy to clean when dirty.

4 uniquely reproduced monochrome color versions: Black – Red – Dark Blue – Purple suitable for both men and women.

Different sizes small - medium - large meet the strict standards of international flights.

With smart compartments and luxurious interior, SAKOS canvas suitcase is a reliable companion

The main compartment is spacious, equipped with an X-shaped belt with a convenient buckle, easy to install and remove.

The system of sub-compartments with different sizes of large and small easily organizes things neatly.

The compartments are protected by a secure zip lock.

3-featured lining fabric: waterproof, moisture-wicking, antibacterial.

Starline canvas suitcase owns a pull system and smooth wheels, glides smoothly on all terrain

The anti-rust aluminum needle box pulls, the geometric structure is easy to adjust according to the user's physique.

Single wheel with 360° rotation, glide smoothly on any terrain.

The inside of the wheel is equipped with a self-activated oil storage bag to keep the wheel running smoothly.

Carry handle on horizontal and vertical axis with 2 layers of smoothness, using strong ticking technology.

The international standard anti-theft zipper and TSA lock make the Starline suitcase absolutely safe

Smooth, anti-scratch plastic zipper.

International standard TSA lock licensed by US transportation security organization.

Exquisite SAKOS logo affirms the quality of products manufactured on Sakostyle (USA) exclusive technology.

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