Simplex 06 multifunction bag

462,000 VND

Simplex multifunction bag: Smart customization

Simplex is a STARGO brand Multi-function briefcase belonging to Sakos Corporation. With a modern design, Simplex is quick to customize into a backpack, briefcase or crossbody bag. This is not only a convenient school bag, but also a 15-inch shockproof laptop backpack.

Đen - cam
Đen - đỏ
Soft EVA cushion
Water slide material
An-ti mark large strap
Shockproof laptop compartment


Color Black-Red, Black-Orange
Material Polyester, PE, PU
Weight 0.7 kg
Size WxDxH 40x10x30cm
Maximum load 10 kg
Warranty period 1 year

Product detail

Simplex multi-function 4-in-1 design utility with standard features

With a convenient design, integrating 4 usage features including: backpack, horizontal bag, vertical bag, crossbody bag, Simplex is suitable for both students and office workers.

Modern black color with black zipper accents creates a simple yet strong beauty.

The STARGO logo from rust-resistant alloy affirms product quality as well as brand value.

Safety zip with metal zipper for sure, smooth hand skin.

Convenient multi-layer compartment with a 15-inch shockproof laptop compartment

Simplex weighs only 0.7 kg, measures 30 x 40 x 10 cm (height x width x depth) but is divided into many convenient compartments.

The main compartment is equipped with a soft EVA cushion and a power belt suitable for 15-inch laptops or tablets.

The rest of the main compartment is the perfect place to store documents and bags without worrying about curling the corners.

The front is two convenient extra compartments, very easy to organize things neatly.

Water repellent material, lining 3 outstanding features to help the GBC006 Multifunction bag protect your belongings

Simplex multi-function pair is made from water-repellent polyester, dustproof, easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Inside the briefcase is a lining fabric with 3 outstanding features: waterproof, moisture-wicking, antibacterial.

The PE plastic fiber fixes the frame, helping to keep the shape of this laptop bag cum student backpack stable.

Simplex multi-function briefcase strap, soft and flexible

The Simplex versatile laptop is equipped with a system of 2 straps and 2 handles.

The inner backpack strap is padded with soft foam, creating a comfortable feeling. Two backpack straps can be stored in a convenient partition.

The crossbody strap is designed to be large, anti-mark, easily removable with a delicate buckle.

The system of vertical and horizontal handles gives the user the flexibility to change depending on the terrain or inspiration.

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