Kevan laptop backpack

600,000 VND

Kevan laptop backpack: Highlights from simplicity

Kevan is a collection of Stargo brand laptop backpacks - belonging to Sakos Corporation. With a simple design on a monochrome water slide fabric combined with a 15.6" shockproof laptop compartment, Kevan is perfectly suitable as an office backpack or a student backpack.

Soft EVA cushion
Water slide material
An-ti mark large strap
Shockproof laptop compartment


Colors Light blue, Grey, Red
Material Nylon, Polyester, EVA, PE, PU
Weight 0.7 kg
Size WxDxH 30x18x44cm
Maximum load 15 kg
Warranty period 6 months

Product detail

Minimalist design, water slide material

The Kevan laptop backpack collection is designed in a minimalist style on a delicate monochrome fabric background, anti-dust, easy to clean.

Kevan is constructed of water-repellent polyester. Water will quickly slide and fall off the surface of the backpack immediately after contact.

Anti-rust STARGO metal logo – a symbol that affirms product quality and brand value.

The edge sewing technology with sophisticated stitching is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Convenient compartment with 15.6-inch shockproof laptop compartment

Kevan laptop backpack brings convenience to users by its scientific compartment.

The inside of the main compartment is equipped with a thick, smooth padded partition with a fixed belt suitable for 15.6-inch laptops or tablets. The rest of the main compartment is a place to carry clothes when going out or documents when going to school or work.

Many Kevan front side compartments with different sizes easily organize small items neatly.

Two side compartments with well-fixed elastic waistband combined with breathable mesh fabric are suitable for water bottles or other items that are easy to store - quickly retrieve.

Sturdy form thanks to delicate edging with PE fiber

The PE yarn is pulled small, wrapped in cloth outside, and solidly bordered to create a strong shape for Kevan.

The zipper curves into a curve that both divides and creates a unique highlight.

Safety plastic zip, lock - open smoothly even after long use.

Metal scissors wrapped in flexible plastic, smooth on the skin, creating a pleasant feeling when used.

Sturdy shoulder and shoulder straps, breathable back cushion, anti-sweat back

The Kevan strap is designed to be large, with thick foam padding inside, preventing shoulder pain even when wearing a backpack for many hours. The length of the strap is also easily adjusted to suit the user's body shape with a convenient brace.

Kevan owns a unique handle when sewn together with 2 straps, both new and sturdy.

The back of the backpack is equipped with a mesh cushion with thousands of tiny air holes to prevent back sweat and protect the spine.

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