Epsilon laptop backpack

760,000 VND

Epsilon Laptop Backpack: Breaking All Limits

Epsilon is a collection of 15.6" shockproof laptop backpacks. Modern design with minimalism on monochrome colors from neutral to striking, suitable for men's laptop backpacks and women's laptop backpacks. Water-skiing materials and convenient compartments make Epsilon a companion for active believers.

Soft EVA cushion
Water slide material
Anti-mark large strap
Shockproof laptop compartment


Colors Black, Dark blue, Red, Grey, Blue, Light blue
Material Polyester, PVC, PE, PU
Weight 0.7 kg
Size WxDxH 21x13x40 cm
Maximum load 15 kg
Warranty period 2 years

Product detail

Epsilon laptop backpack has a minimalist design, superior water-skiing material

Waterproof polyester material, durable, dustproof and easy to clean when dirty.

The inside is equipped with 3-function lining fabric: waterproof, moisture-wicking, antibacterial.

Square box design, flattened at the top to create a sense of lightness suitable for men and women.

The front is decorated with a contrasting fabric belt, quite thin, with a new square shape, breaking the symmetry limit.

The exquisite Sakos logo affirms the product quality and brand value exclusively transferred from the USA.

The convenient compartment makes Epsilon worthy of a beautiful laptop backpack suitable for school, work or travel

Alpha laptop backpack includes 1 main compartment and many convenient side compartments.

Spacious main compartment with 15.6" shockproof laptop compartment with integrated safety belt. The rest in the main compartment likes to store clothes, documents, books… for a 3-5 day trip.

The system of large and small sized sub-compartments is easy to arrange things neatly.

Folding edge sewing technology to create a sturdy shape to help the backpack stand without a fulcrum

The technology of sewing and folding edges is delicate and durable at the same time.

Sturdy form thanks to PE plastic fiber wrapped in fabric to create a stable frame.

Straps and straps are thoroughly and firmly checked.

Exquisite in every detail helps Epsilon laptop backpack protect the user's physique

Students cum office backpacks Epsilon are equipped with large straps with thick foam padding, anti-marking, anti-shoulder pain, neck fatigue. Easy to adjust the length of the strap with the convenient riser – strap.

The eyeglass frame hook is integrated on the strap.

Two layers of handles, large and smooth, protect hands.

Breathable mesh EVA back cushion, 4D structure prevents back sweat.

Smooth plastic zipper. Anti-rust metal scissors, cool hands.

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