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Corporate gifts - Brand enhancement

Based on applying modern technology transferred directly from Sakostyle Corporation (USA), SAKOS Joint Stock Company is committed to providing customers with products Quality products with modern design, rich designs. SAKOS gifts not only bring practical value, but also show respect and understanding of the recipient, thereby enhancing customers' sympathy for the business.

Corporate gifts - Brand enhancement
Meaning of corporate gifts
Meaning of corporate gifts
Today, using gifts to build a strong bond between customers and employees is a form that many businesses regularly apply. Gifts are not only valuable in terms of use and practicality, but also show respect and understanding of the recipient. However, businesses do not always find a satisfactory gift. Gift selection is a laborious and time consuming process. So what is the solution for businesses?

Sakos provides business gift products such as backpacks, bags, suitcases... with rich designs according to the requirements of customers. This is not only a spiritual gift but also a brand value that spreads widely in the market.
Notes when choosing backpacks, bags, suitcases as gifts

Rich product models with modern design, outstanding features that keep up with the trend are the value Sakos brings to customers.


Decide on product quality and durability. Priority should be given to choosing water-resistant, light-weight, water-resistant materials that bring comfort and safety to the user.


Size is also one of the factors that clearly show the sophistication and aesthetics of the business. This is the time when you choose the compartment with the size and function of each compartment so that it is most reasonable.


Businesses should choose the main color to help customers easily identify the brand.


There are 4 popular logo types: embroidery, plastic, metal and screen printing. Regardless of the material, Sakos is still committed to the exact color and size required by the customer.

Why should you choose Sakos gift products?
Why should you choose Sakos gift products?
Why should you choose Sakos gift products?
Receiving requests - Consulting gifts for businesses that are suitable for customers, goals and budget
Come up with ideas to build images, product designs, and logo designs for customers to refer to and edit as they like
Carry out production and printing of products according to requirements
Delivery department contact and deliver to the company
Collaborative products
Sakos gives free advice on suitable gifts for design ideas.
For bulk orders, customers also receive high discounts and many attractive incentives.
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